June 15th 2022

We've noticed over the past 6-12 months a few common issues with meter readings, so we've put together a quick guide which will hopefully help with the most common ones. It is unclear why the energy companies are now scrutinising this for sites which have typically submitted readings for the same meter for the past 10 years but it is another potential hold up to payment and both issues highlighted can be resolved quite quickly if you know how.

1. Incorrect Meter Serial Numbers

There seems to be a recurring theme that some of the original serial numbers for generation meters submitted on the MCS paperwork are incorrect, usually by a single digit (or letter). We've contacted MCS regarding this and if there is an issue with your certificate, it can be readily solved by correcting it through an online form, details of their response below:

In order to process an MCS certificate amendment, we recommend visiting the following page on our website which details the amendment request form that must be submitted by the system owner: https://mcscertified.com/consumers-communities/certificate-queries/. The form itself is linked here: https://mcscertified.com/request-certificate/, in which the customer must provide proof of ownership and proof of amendment.

Items that we can accept as sufficient proof of ownership include:

  • A fully paid invoice marked paid to the installer
  • An original invoice with corresponding bank statements showing full payment
  • A solicitor’s letter, on headed paper, stating that the customer is the system owner
  • A FiT statement showing that the customer is in receipt of the Feed-in Tariff

For proof of amendment, please look on the request form to see which evidence will apply for the relevant certificate amendment.

There is an admin charge of £36 (including VAT) associated to receiving a copy of an MCS certificate or amending an MCS certificate. The link to pay this fee is sent after the submitted request form highlighted above has been reviewed and the evidence submitted is sufficient.

2. Hidden Serial Numbers

On the older model of 'Socomec' generation meter, the serial number is on the side of the meter, so when meter readings are submitted it won't be visible. Typically to access the number you'll need to remove the blanking strip which covers it and take a photo which captures both the serial number and the kwh reading. We would then recommend writing the serial number on the front and taking a second photo so that going forward you can verify that the serial number is correct.

If we come across sites with this older type of model we are carrying out the process above as part of the work to try and mitigate the issue but if you need any assistance, please get in touch.

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