Frequently Asked Questions

January 25th 2021

What size of turbines do you maintain?
Our main focus is on microgeneration (5-25kW). However, we have the experience to repair and service larger turbines. Please contact us for further information or for a quote.

What are your service charges?
Our costs vary depending on location and turbine type. Please contact us for a quote with full breakdown of costs.

Do I need to be on site when the service/repair is underway?
There is no requirement for you to be present if a suitable time and site access is pre-arranged. A full report will be provided on completion of the job.

I am interested in upgrading my turbine to maximise efficiency, what options are available to me?
Please see our Efficiency calculator which can give an indication of potential revenue gains. To discuss possible upgrades to your turbine, please contact us.

I would like to sell my turbine; do you purchase turbines?
We will consider all turbines. If you have a turbine you are interested in selling please contact us including as many details as possible.

I’m based in the Western Isles, do you carry out repairs here?
We carry out repairs and services across the UK, covering both the Mainland and Isles.

Do your parts carry a warranty?

  • All new electrical parts fitted carry a 1 year warranty.
  • All major mechanical parts carry a 2 year warranty.
  • All parts used are MCS accredited as per manufacturer specifications.

My turbine seems to go faster and slower even when the wind is consistent, is this normal?
There are a range of potential faults this could indicate.
1. Controller needs a software update.
2. Pitch motor is near the end of its life cycle.
3. Actuator is near the end of its life cycle.
Recommendation would be for on site investigation and a service if it has been greater than 12 months since it was last attended. If you’d like to arrange a call out, please contact us.

Why does my turbine sway in average winds?
1. Due to imbalanced blades.
2. Due to failing anchor bolts which retain the tower base.
The bolts may be able to be inspected by you, however we would recommend contacting us to discuss further.

Is it worth paying for a monitoring system for my turbine?
Certain monitoring systems are worth paying for to help with the maintenance and performance. Benefits include:
1. Remote diagnosis of faults and reset of electrical systems.
2. Remote diagnosis of performance increases or decreases.
3. Allows service provider to diagnosis faults more quickly and accurately, ensuring that the team dispatched will have the required parts to resolve the problem.

We hope the above has covered your query but if not or you have further questions please contact us.

What could you gain?

Try our turbine efficiency calculator.

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  • “Our turbine was down on the floor for well over a year with little prospect of our usual contractors re-erecting and getting it up and running again. Northern Turbine Services literally came to our rescue by re-drilling the base, enabling the turbine to be erected and commissioned again. The following 12 months, we had our highest trouble-free production since purchase with the new inverter proving its worth and all previous issues resolved.”

    D Newbould, Lancashire
  • “Northern Turbine Services have done my service and maintenance since they started in business. They have always attended when called, carried out the work efficiently and quickly in all weathers. Always paying attention to detail, and interested to see turbine production after the work has been carried out.”

    George Eunson, Corse Farm, St Ola (4 turbines)
  • “Northern Turbine Services have maintained my turbines for many years now, they always provide a quick and efficient service. Adrian and his team have unrivalled knowledge of the C&F machines which keeps my downtime to a minimum.”

    Terry Norquay, St Margarets Hope