June 15th 2023

Export Energy Options

As per our email to our regular customers we've tried to put together some information regarding exporting energy to assist in either getting the best price for PPAs for those with large enough sites (>30kw typically) and other options for those with smaller sites.

Our reason for delaying, had been in the hope that we would be able to offer an option for people to come together to sell their energy as a group and be able to therefore negotiate for higher rates, but this has proven to be more difficult than expected and approaches to energy companies have been rebuffed as they will only work off MPAN numbers on a site-to-site basis.

We’ll continue to make enquiries on this and try to keep up to date with energy prices as they fluctuate, so if you have any queries feel free to get in touch with myself or Adrian or to pass on feedback if you do decide to change your export supplier.

Power Purchase Agreements

As many of you will be aware, if you have a Half-hourly meter fitted (was mandatory if you were >30kw) there is the option to get a Power Purchase Agreement for your Energy.

We’ve compiled a list of a few companies which we’ve generally had good feedback from. Some companies may offer an option to do this for slightly smaller turbines (20-25kw) but as the energy export rates have dropped from last year, it may not be viable due to the annual cost of the half-hourly meter. Certainly, worth shopping around as they will often bid against each other.

F&S Energy:
Email: info@fs-energy.co.uk
Telephone: 01245 690151
Website: https://www.fs-energy.co.uk/power-purchase-agreements

Good Energy
Telephone: 0345 034 2400
Email: hello@goodenergy.co.uk
Website: https://www.goodenergy.co.uk/smart-export-payments/

Conrad Energy
Telephone: 01235 427 290
Email: ppa@conradenergy.co.uk
Website: https://conradenergy.co.uk/services/power-purchase-agreements/

Drax Energy
Telephone: 0845 528 1473
Website: https://energy.drax.com/sell-power/power-purchase-agreements/

PPA Brokers

If you don’t want to do the legwork of contacting different Energy exports companies, you can ask a company to do so for you and they will look into a broader range of energy companies and come back to you with prices.

Oakwood Energy Group – has been recommended by a customer.
Telephone: 0845 567 7333
Email: enquiries@oakwoodenergygroup.co.uk
Website: www.oakwoodenergygroup.co.uk

NFU Energy – may be worth looking into if you already have dealings with NFU.
Telephone: 024 7669 6512
Email: info@nfuenergy.co.uk
Website: https://www.nfuenergy.co.uk/services/power-purchase-agreements

Other Export Options

Another group who have been onto us is Combined Energy Club. They have a similar offer to PPAs but with a joining fee, so it isn’t typically economical for larger sites. However, for high producing smaller sites (10-20kw) which aren’t able to get a PPA, it may work out more cost effective as they are offering higher rates than deemed export and also offer to fit the half-hourly meter which would be required.

We haven’t had any feedback from customers who have joined as yet, but another option to explore and see if it works for you.

Combined Energy Club
Telephone: 0161 243 0299
Email: info@combinedenergyclub.co.uk
Website: https://combinedenergyclub.co.uk

Octopus Energy

Octopus as far as we’re aware Octopus are alone on this offer at present, but it does rely on you having your energy supplied by them and you’ll need a half hourly meter to be installed. They are however offering higher rates of export than the typical deemed export rates, so again if you are due to renew your energy supply, this is worth a look.

Website: https://octopus.energy/outgoing/

What could you gain?

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  • “Our turbine was down on the floor for well over a year with little prospect of our usual contractors re-erecting and getting it up and running again. Northern Turbine Services literally came to our rescue by re-drilling the base, enabling the turbine to be erected and commissioned again. The following 12 months, we had our highest trouble-free production since purchase with the new inverter proving its worth and all previous issues resolved.”

    D Newbould, Lancashire
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